The Story


The "NO MORE TIERS!" T-shirt was created to make a bold statement that we are united for equality as union brothers and sisters! It is an easy way to show your support, start a conversation, and build momentum towards the elimination of the tiered wage system. Wear these red shirts every "Solidarity Wednesday" to honor the blood that was shed by our union forefathers. All shirts are union made in the USA and printed locally in the Flint area. All proceeds go towards the cause of wage equality.

There are No Tiers in Solidarity!

It has been said that a house divided will fall. We are the first generation in U.S. history to endure a lower standard of living than the previous one. The cost of everything, from gas, to health care, to education is going UP with no relief in sight. We're working longer and harder for less pay. The company has us competing for fewer jobs, pitted against one another, divided in the same shop! Times are harder now for working people than they have been in years. Will we continue this downward trend or will we come together and stand united for economic fairness and equality? 


Now is the time to start building momentum to end the tiered wage system and demand equality! With solidarity as our greatest strength, we have no choice but to unite if we want to achieve a better quality of life for ourselves and our families! Regardless of where you come from, or what language you speak, if you cannot afford food, clothing, and shelter, everything else is secondary. It is the economic issues that unite us all, male or female, young or old, black or white, tier one, two or three. We all have more in common than we have separating us! We all have a collective interest in standing up for one another as UNION members! Union means UNITY! The 2015 contract is approaching soon and the time is now to build momentum, to stand up and struggle with our UNION brother and sisters for full pay equality!


Solidarity Wednesdays

The UAW has asked that all workers wear red for "Solidarity Wednesdays"! Unity is our greatest strength! When we wear red together we honor the memory of those union brothers and sisters who earned us the rights we have today. These rights were fought for and won. Never given to us by the employers who only seek to make money off of our sweat. Because of the Labor Movement we have the weekend, an eight hour work day, unemployment, overtime, workers comp, FMLA, child labor laws, a minimum wage, workplace safety, the list goes on and on... When we wear red on Wednesdays we are also showing one another that we are ready to come together and struggle in Solidarity for a better future. "NO MORE TIERS!" is a slogan that demands respect for the worth of our labor and our worth as human beings. It lets your coworkers know that you are there to stand with them for wage equality and economic justice!